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Sometimes we need a change in our lives, a new way to look at our life, and to create a life of joy.  I have been searching for joy in my life and have found it in several different modalities.  Sometimes we have to look in more than one place to find what aligns our inner guidance.

I became a Reiki Master Usui/Holy Fire® in 2019.  Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy" it is not a religion and can be a spiritual practice. 

I found many times in my Reiki practice using sounds.  This pointed me in the direction of the Sound Healing academy.  I love using healing sounds and vibrations alone or along with my Reiki practice, it is divinely guided.  I received my diploma in integral sound healing of individual clients in 2020.


Jessica Abresch

Reiki Master Usui/Holy Fire®III

Sound Therapist~Sound Healing Academy

Certified Zentangle Teacher®

Oracle and Tarot Card Reader

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Classes to be announced

Please email Jessica@outsidethelinz.com to set up a private class or for classes at a facility, office, studio etc.